Want to Know How the Contractors Are Going to Safely Work on Your Roof?

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Roof edge protection is equipment relating to the safety of people during construction and renovation jobs. The purpose of this protection is to guard against any falling incidents. Providers of this safety equipment have created different kinds of systems. Such as guard rails, scaffolding, and screens are just some examples of roof edge protection that a professional commercial roofing service may employ.

Standards are regulated in the Unite States. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, on average 362 fatal falls happened every year from 95 to 99. These numbers, however, are increasing. Roof edge protection must meet safety standards put in place by the governing bodies.

The type of protection required largely depends on the kind of work that has to be done. Different roof styles need different protection. Innovative manufacturers provide a wide range of safety methods. The simplest protection is the toe board which could stop a fall or a falling object.

Full scaffolding can provide the maximum safety during construction. Aluminium and steel ones are available from rental services. Railings stop falls occurring on higher roofs. Commercial scaffolding can offer experienced installation crews to install scaffolding that complies with all governmental rules regulations to all commercial roofing service firms.

Independent edge protection is not actually attached to a building. It is, however, supported and braced via the ground. Its main parts are a working platform that comes from the structure and a rail. Ladders or stairs are provided for access.

Railing systems can be free standing or attached. The free standing one is counterbalanced using weights and is only used for flat or low pitched roofs. This kind of railing is made from steel or aluminium. It is light, so its easier to install but strong and durable for safety.

Railing systems can be anchored to a building. A wide range of fastening systems are used for the different kinds of roof structures. Rails and fasteners have to meet safety regulations. Suppliers offer different features like rails that fold away when not in use.

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