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Last week, we have outlined the basic benefits of seamless gutters. Today, following the topic about gutters, our team will compare cast iron to UPVC gutters in order to provide you with more information about their benefits as well. Here is our review:

None of these two products is superior than the other one, they just have different qualities you may like to take advantage of. Their prices, style, durability, and maintenance requirements vary.

Cast iron gutters

They have longer lifespan and can last for centuries to come if maintained properly. This is why they are installed mainly in family properties which are expected to be inherited by future generations. Commercial properties which are a part of an organization and want to keep the style of all buildings also choose this option quite often.

This material can rust, and small cracks can appear with weathering, but repairs are easy and inexpensive to make. Your roofing contractor can tell you more about approximate repair costs you may have to pay if you are interested to learn more about this.

Cast iron gutters can be painted in different colors and patterns to match your property style.

UPVC gutters

This material is cheaper and easier to maintain than cast iron gutters.

When the temperatures rise or fall in different seasons, the flexible plastic they are made of will shrink or expand. This, however, will not crack the gutter surface.

You do not need to apply a protective layer of paint, as this material is non-porous and won’t decay.

Both guttering products are robust and have adequate resistance to weather and temperature fluctuations. They can both last for decades even centuries depending on the quality of their installation and maintenance. If you want to have a guarantee for the gutter services you book, call a licensed roofing contractor like Folsom Roofing. We are based in Tallahassee, FL and can be easily reached at (850) 290-7416!

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