3 Tips on Metal Roof Screwing by Our Roof Repair Service Specialists

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If you have problems with your metal roof and you need to get a few panels replaced or the entire roof re-shingled, you will most probably need some tips on how to do it in the easiest and the least time-consuming manner. Luckily, you have the roof repair service specialists of Folsom Roofing to help you with that business. Today, our team will tell you a few tips on how to run the screws properly after you have installed a few roofing panels.

1. First of all, check that you have got your panel lined up well with the other one. Double check the measures to make sure that the panel is running square to the rest of the roof.

2. When you start running your first screws, always put your hand on the edge of the panel. Make sure that the overlapping rib is seeded very firmly. Put a screw in, right next to the rib to hold the panel down.

3. You might be inclined to start running your screws horizontally. Keep in mind that running them vertically is always a better option. Do that first, and also run them along each rib before you start the horizontal screwing. The point of this may not be so obvious at the beginning, but if you run the screws horizontally first, you may have to learn the hard way that they can tweak the panel a little bit and cause the lap on the panel not to sit as closely as you want it to.

If you want to learn more about where your roofing screws need to go or you want to see an example of the roofing job that we have just described, we welcome you to visit our office or call us at (850) 290-7416 to schedule a roofing inspection. Our experts in performing installation and roof repair service will be glad to help you solve your roofing problems. We can serve any residential or commercial property in Tallahassee, FL, you just need to call us in advance and share your issues.

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